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Hotel Birdy
Morning Delights

The Buffet Breakfast is back!

  • Don't forget to add your breakfast as an extra to complete your stay!
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On the go

Express Breakfast

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  • hot drink
  • 2 mini pastries
  • plain yogurt
Hotel Birdy
The Restaurant

Discover our Evening Menu

  • For your reservations, contact the Birdy Restaurant team at:
  • Our restaurant is open from Sunday evening to Friday noon.
  • Restaurant hours are from 12pm to 2pm and from 7pm to 10pm
  • A Grab&Pay offer is also available at the reception 24 hours a day
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Hotel Birdy
The Bar

Happy Time

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Hotel Birdy by HappyCulture
Discover our Grab & Pay offer, on place or to take away!

  • Discover our Le Bon Gourmet corner, available at any time of the day, to taste different types of dishes and desserts inspired by the most famous French recipes! Discover also a complete offer of fresh drinks. Bon Appétit!
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  • Hotel Birdy

    The Cuisine

    Birdy Restaurant therefore offers a “home-made” cuisine that uses authentic products chosen by Chef Bernet from the best local producers. This sumptuous cuisine will whisk you away and delight your taste buds, whether you love sophisticated seafood or the incredible flavours of earthy foods.

  • Hotel Birdy


    In line of the small attentions that make great happiness, each day has its detox routine, freshly Made for you. From 14h until 23h we invite you to taste our vitamin water of the day. Guaranteed refreshment.

  • Hotel Birdy


    Made from selected coffee beans, processed fairtrade - organic, in slow roasting, harvested in the best producing regions of Central America, use day and night.

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